Wedom, a solid integral model

Our vertically integrated business model lets us control every part of the process and guarantee that each of our brands offers outstanding products.






We have our own team of designers. We create products that can change a home into a style guide.

Integral Production

We pride ourselves on the quality of our products. We control the process from start to finish and react swiftly to market demands.

Logistics management

We offer flexibility and efficiency throughout the value chain. We work hand in hand with our clients and suppliers to build long-lasting, trust-based relationships.

Position at the point of sale

We help our clients to design and organize their display areas. We improve in-store displays to increase your business’ profitability.

Wedom, much more than a supplier

We are our clients’ partners. We put ourselves in their shoes, making sure that we fully understand their needs so that we can help them transform their stores so they remain relevant in the future.

We are constantly searching for new opportunities to further drive this sector.

Wedom, a story that continues to grow



The beginning

Alberto Domínguez Santiago founds the company, TEXTILES DOSAN in Pontevedra.


Dosantex is born

Dosantext is created as a textile company dedicated to manufacturing and distributing homeware products.


We expand our range of products

New product lines are introduced, which allow the company to attain a high level of business growth.


New logistics plant in Portugal

Inauguration of the warehouse that now houses the company’s logistics centre in Monção, Portugal.


International expansion

The company opens up into new markets expanding its business frontiers.


Our company grows with Kiandu

Kiandu, our textile design brand is founded with the aim of bringing trends and inspiration to every home.